In today’s market, there are many different brands and styles of limousine to afford any person a ride that is right for them. From limousines that are a more traditional style to the newest innovations using the popular SUV models, there is a size and style for everyone. Except for the very wealthy, a limo ride is a special occasion and should be treated as such in selecting the quality and size of the ride. 
With regards to your standard luxury limousines, there are many models to choose from. The majority of limousines are manufactured in either American or European factories. In the United States the two largest manufacturers are Lincoln and Cadillac. Both companies have been making limos for an extensive length of time and both produce a high quality product. Chrysler is another limo manufacturer in the United States and their 300 series limos are a quality alternative to the more expensive Lincoln and Cadillac brands. BMW, Audi and Mercedes Benz all manufacture a high quality vehicle that offers luxury and style as well. BMW in particular has an extensive line of limousines based on their S line of cars, but BMW and Audi have plenty of models to choose from too. 
The use of luxury sport utility vehicles as limousines has become a large part of the business. Both American and European manufactures are building them and in the case of some it is the only thing they manufacture. Both Cadillac and Lincoln build a limousine based on their very popular Escalade and Navigator brands and GMC manufactures a limo based on their Yukon Denali SUV model. For a European flavor, Porsche builds limos based on there Cayenne SUV model and they come in various sizes. On the more extreme side Mercedes Benz has made a 26 passenger stretch SUV limousine that will fit a much larger party than most limos. 
Mercedes Benz also manufactures a large selection of diesel powered limousines for those who want to save on fuel expenses. There are many to choose from, almost as many as regular gasoline option limousines. For the rider who wants to be as green as possible, Cadillac is now offering their Bentley Edition Escalade in a hybrid format, allowing for the use of electricity to power their vehicles. 
There are plenty of options when looking into limousines in today’s market. Whether consumers are looking for an American or European style; sedan or SUV; gas, diesel, or hybrid powered they can find the perfect ride for themselves.

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