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Arrive In Style: Why A Limo Makes All The Difference

A buck’s party, stag party, and bachelor party are all phrases commonly used to describe the celebration that takes place on a man’s last night of freedom. Marriage is a lifelong commitment, so a proper buck’s party should be a culmination of all the fun you would be missing out on during your life as […]

17 Oct, 2014 Lizzy

Bring the Party with You on Your Bucks Night in the Hunter Valley

When your planning a bucks party, you want it to be a big smash. This is it, the last hurrah, a final night of freedom as the groom-to-be gets ready to say goodbye to his single years. As his good friend or family member, you want to give him a sendoff he’ll never forget, a […]

15 Oct, 2014 Lizzy
limousine hire

Proper Limousine Maintenance Equals Money in Your Pocket

The two main reasons you should make vehicle inspection a core part of your limousine business are safety and customer satisfaction. Let me mention the safety issues first. Obviously breaking down on the side of a busy thoroughfare causes safety issues from careless drivers who could run into you and your passengers, and it also […]

28 Aug, 2014 Lizzy